The Angel of Death


Uriel was the Lord of Muses, an Archangel that divinely inspired countless beings. He loved art, music, beauty, and all of sentient life. When the Carpenter built mortal life out of the fabric of creation, Uriel sung songs of joy, bringing magic into the world. He considered himself to be the shepherd of mankind, and helped raise them from savagery, teaching them not how to live, but why to live.

All of that changed during the war of creation. Uriel had begun to doubt the Carpenter, feeling he hadn’t done enough to protect his people, that his Law was cruel and unnecessary. He attempted to break free of his duty and his oaths to the carpenter with a ritual, but his gentle soul lacked the fire needed to fuel the spell, leaving him still helplessly bound. In punishment for his attempted betrayal, the Carpenter made him the Angel of Death, charged with executing the enemies of the Word and bringing them to justice. Uriel’s gentle soul twisted under the stress of slaying those he most cherished, his sanity unraveling until there was nothing left but pain and madness, hiding within his catacombs whenever not actively pushed to carry out His will.


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