Alayne Deschan

The Trickster


While there are many theologians that would come to blows at this statement, Alayne was one of the original 13 Archangels charged with stewarding His creation. He was the patron of gamblers, thieves, and scoundrels, and his blessing was sought with every throw of the dice and flip of the card. When War broke out among the angels, Alayne obstained from participating, neither helping nor hindering either side, but laying down odds and bets on both.

For his disloyalty to the Carpenter, he was banished from the heavens, though as he did not take up arms against his Creator, he was not bound into the pit as were the rest of the Fallen. Instead, he was given free reign to make a home for himself within the multiverse.

Many still pray to Alayne and seek his blessing, many others consider him to be little better than any of the other Fallen. He himself is mute on the subject of his own morality, and no-one has been willing to sign a contract with him to force an answer.

Alayne Deschan

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